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About Listingslab

Every developer has a speciality. Technically, mine is ECMAScript because it is the basic building block of jQuery and ActionScript. What’s more important is 20 years experience of web development. In that time there are few problems I haven’t had to solve, and working fast to produce an elegant solution has become second nature.

These days that means jQuery and over the past 4 years I have become expert in creating User Interfaces using this Open Source platform to replace the need for the Flash player and create complex front ends for Web Apps.

Career & Experience

I first saw the internet at university in 1994 and have been a professional Web Developer ever since. Being a Flash developer in 1996 meant developing complex Web Applications well ahead of their time. We still do that. Only the technology has changed.

Flash’s ActionScript is the same language as jQuery; ECMAScript. Our experience goes back to the beginning. I learned my trade in the early 2000′s online gambling industry, developing Flash games for poker and blackjack, then moved on to spread betting applications for the financial sector.

I developed experience in delivering robust enterprise level solutions which scale. Experience which has been useful while learning Cloud hosting technologies such as rackspace.

Alongside a parallel interest in web visibility and Google ranking.

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