Fucken HipsterIn the past 20 years of making Web Apps there are few problems listingslab haven’t had to solve and working fast to produce elegant solutions has become second nature.

These days we engineer jQuery Apps. From WordPress to Rackspace Cloud Server. We use Open Source Technology platforms in our stack. Why? Because it means that we can use the best of breed new technologies as they emerge without backward compatibility problems, and with clever use of GitHub we can keep our libraries as modern as as easy to work with as possible.

Disabling the Trackpad on Macbooks (Mac OSX Yesemite)

In all versions of OS X from 10.7 Lion and up (including OS X Yosemite), head to System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad. There, find and check the box labeled Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present. great. but what about if you have a wacom tablet plugged in by usb and you want to disable t...

Migrate to MySQLi Prepared Statements

If you're a developer who has occasion to use PHP you may have started to notice something called MySQLi. Let's say you're a WordPress plugin developer and you've got some PHP code which was written in the old world order of MySQL, it might be time to consider changing your database abstraction layer to use MySQLi as the new world order. Before t...

Google's mobile friendly test tool

How does your site look to Google's new algorithm? Try it out on  Google's mobile friendly test tool. Don't you wish it got the thumbs up like this one?

Why telephones are dumb

So today I have business with the Government Department of Whatever. I won't say which country. I've got to call them up on the telephone of course. In fact, I've got the direct line of the nice lady I met last week at the front desk who kindly offers to put my call through to the right person. The call goes to voicemail which says 'leave a m...

FREEmium-slider shortcode

We hate 'em, but everyone else love's 'em What are we talking about? Sliders. Massive big fat cycling images at the top of pages. The people have got to have them. The customer doesn't just want what they want, they want EXACTLY what they want. Here are a few examples of free, Open Source jQuery which you could use to create the same effect. Or ...