Listingslab V8

Listingslab V8

Progressive Web Apps

This is version 8 of listingslab. We're now creating a new breed of mobile app; Progressive Web Apps. This next generation technology has a single codebase compiling to an app which works on any viewport on any device. Nor does it need to be installed via an app store

Push To Talk

Website contact forms have always been rubbish. They rely on email which quickly got spammed to death. This was solved for the most part by apps like Facebook Messenger, offering simpler, more personal, and more fun ways of connecting customers with business owners.

Animated SVG

Animation on the web. Oh dear. What a nest of vipers that has always been. From the ridiculous Skip Intro button in the late 90's to the current micro animations we see in Mobile Apps in 2020.

As the concept that users wanted the internet to be like TV was disproved, the use of animation in web applications became a bit bogan