Privacy is important

Privacy is important

Please bear in mind that your are probably sharing some quite personal GPS information. Would you like to learn about how we respect your privacy?

Privacy is important to everyone. We respect yours and ask that you respect ours too. Think first. That said, we do collect information about your use of this application. Why? To learn how you use it and make it better.

We don't use cookies. Your device's request for this app includes a userAgent string. When we parse that with ua-parser-js, we see that your browser, your Operating System and your device details.

Put this data together and running it through Valve's Fingerprint.js, algorithm yields a unique fingerprint for your device. A reference to your device's fingerprint is created and stored in our database.

When you return to the app, it will remember you. More interestingly, your IP address tells us much more. Using a free service from we can find the Geo Location for that IP.If you wish to obscure that information, you could use a VPN.