Opinionated, batteries-included toolset

Opinionated, batteries-included toolset

After trying many, many patterns to make the use of redux in React as easy as possible, this implementation of Redux Toolkit has emerged as the cleanest, simplest and quickest so far

Redux Backstory

Redux came out in the summer of 2015, at the tail end of the "Flux Wars". Within a year, it had swept aside all other Flux implementations, and became the de-facto standard state management tool for React applications.

Redux was deliberately designed to be extensible, and it succeeded brilliantly. The design led to a thriving ecosystem of add-ons and related libraries, ranging from action/reducer generation utilities to store persistence to dozens of immutable update utilities to middleware for manipulating dispatched actions. In particular, since Redux deliberately did not include a built-in solution for managing async behaviour and side effects, dozens of side effect add-ons appeared.

Redux Toolkit

The official, opinionated, batteries-included toolset for efficient Redux development

  • Simple: Includes utilities to simplify common use cases like store setup, creating reducers, immutable update logic, and more.
  • Opinionated: Provides good defaults for store setup out of the box, and includes the most commonly used Redux addons built-in.
  • Powerful: Takes inspiration from libraries like Immer and Autodux to let you write "mutative" immutable update logic, and even create entire "slices" of state automatically.
  • Effective: Lets you focus on the core logic your app needs, so you can do more work with less code